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Aleman (also spelled Alleman, Allemand, Aléman, Allamont, Allemagne, Alemaye, Alemán, and Alamán) is a European surname deriving from the Latin surname, Alemannus, which refers to someone of German descent, specifically from the Alamanni tribe. It may also have been given in reference to the Norman region of Allemagne, to the south of Caen, which in turn refers to the Alamanni tribe.[1]

The possibly related surnames Alman and Allman have separate listings.

Literally meaning "All Men," the name in French is Allemand; in Spanish, the term is Alemán or Alamán; the Catalan term is Alemany; the Italian term is Allemano; and the Portuguese term is Alemão.[2] The Alemannic tribe, along with the Goths, overran the part of the German Empire that lay along the Rhine river. Given that the women dressed and fought like men, the Germans said, See there are no women among them. They are all men.[3]

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