Alert, Aware, Involved

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Alert Aware Involved
Studio album by The Code
Released March 19, 2002
Genre Punk rock, Ska
Label A-F Records

Alert Aware Involved is The Code's first full length album. It was the band's first release on A-F Records (the label started by the political punk rock group, Anti-Flag). A music video was produced for the song "Riot". [1]

Track list[edit]

  1. Riot
  2. Brian's Song
  3. Alert Aware Involved
  4. Story of My Life
  5. 40 Hour Week
  6. Our Safety
  7. Battle On
  8. John Doe
  9. Never Forget
  10. It Kills to Know...
  11. Realization and Reconciliation
  12. How Could They?
  13. Seal of Approval


  • Marcdefiant-Vocals
  • Jesse Y – Bass
  • Seth R – Drums
  • Jon H- Guitar
  • Jay W. – Guitar


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