Alessandra Mirka Gatti

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Alessandra Mirka Gatti
Birth name Alessandra Gatti
Also known as Domino, Mirka, Juliet, Paula Roberts, Lucrezia B, Sheela
Born November 19, 1969 (age 42)
Mantua, Italy
Genres Italo disco, Eurobeat
Years active 1989–present
Labels A-Beat C, SCP Music, Go Go's Music, Avex Trax
Associated acts Dave and Domino, Go Go Girls, King & Queen, Groove Twins

Alessandra Mirka Gatti (born Alessandra Gatti, 19 November 1969, in Mantua, Italy) is an Italian Eurobeat singer who is popularly known by her stage name of Domino.


Alessandra Mirka Gatti first got a name in Italo disco when she met Giancarlo Pasquini in the late 1980s. After recording various tracks as a back vocalist and several solo songs under names such as Wiki Wiki and Eskimo, she recorded her first song under her most recognized alias, Domino, in 1989. She then helped found A Beat C with Giacarlo Pasquini and Alberto Contini, in 1990, but left in 2006 to embark on her most recent project with ex-A Beat C producer, Sandro Oliva, Go Go's Music (Which had its first appearance on Super Eurobeat 175, and officially added to the label roster on Super Eurobeat 177.)

She has sung under these aliases with A Beat C, not limited to the following:

  • Domino
  • Mirka
  • Juliet
  • Groove Twins
  • King & Queen
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Paula Roberts
  • Sheela
  • Lucrezia B.
  • Donna Luna
  • Bella Model

Today she sings exclusively under the alias Domino, and as a member of the Eurobeat group Go Go Girls with Elena Gobbi Frattini - for her label Go Go's Music.

Her most well known songs are:

  • "Tora Tora Tora" - Domino's most well known song, which was produced by Bratt Sinclaire for ABeatC in 1994.
  • "Mickey Mouse March (Eurobeat Mix) - A Eurobeat cover of the famous Disney tune, which has appeared on Dance Dance Revolution and many Eurobeat and Japanese Disney albums, including Eurobeat Disney.
  • "Para Girl" - A Go Go's Music production that has been very popular since its release in August, 2008.


Thanks to her song Mickey Mouse March (Eurobeat Version), which aired on SMAPxSMAP and was danced by Takuya Kimura, Para Para rapidly increased in popularity in Japan in 1998. Some of her songs were featured in the Konami Video game Para Para Paradise.


She was married to Italo disco/Eurobeat artist Giancarlo Pasquini (Dave Rodgers, Aleph (musician)), and has a son named Federico, who was born to him. He has been raised by Gatti after their divorce, involved in music activity, and also active as a eurobeat singer the same as his parents under the stage name Kaioh (Formerly known as Freddy Rodgers).


As Domino[edit]

As Sheela[edit]

Year Title
1993 Kangaroo
Gimme All Your Love
1994 Confusion

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