Alevtina Olyunina

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Alevtina Olyunina
Medal record
Women's cross country skiing
Olympic Games
Gold 1972 Sapporo 3 x 5 km
Silver 1972 Sapporo 10 km
World Championships
Gold 1970 Vysoké Tatry 10 km
Gold 1970 Vysoké Tatry 3 x 5 km

Alevtina Sergeyevna Olyunina (Russian: Алевти́на Серге́евна Олю́нина; born August 15, 1942, Pchyolkino, Kostroma Oblast, Russian SFSR) was a female Soviet former cross country skier who competed during the early 1970s for Trud Voluntary Sports Society.

She won two medals at the 1972 Winter Olympics in Sapporo with a gold in the 3x5 km and a silver in the 10 km.

Olyunina also won two medals at the 1970 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships with golds both in the 10 km and the 3x5 km events.

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