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Alex Barnett is an applied mathematician and musician who is an associate professor of mathematics at Dartmouth College.[1]

Barnett is also a jazz and funk musician. He has composed the music for a number of films[2] by director Liz Canner.


His high frequency eigenfunction calculations which are some of the fastest in the world.[3] He attended Cambridge University and received his Ph.D in theoretical physics from Harvard University. He has written on topics such as efficient and accurate computational methods for waves, PDE eigenvalue problems, periodic problems, and quantum chaos.[4][5] He has also done research on mathematical ecology and inverse problems in medical imaging.


Barnett won First Prize in the XXI International Physics Olympiad,[6] The Hockins Prize, The Kennedy Scholarship, The Karen E. Wetterhahn Memorial Award for Distinguished Creative or Scholarly Achievement, Jeffe Fellowship and The Harold T. White Prize .


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