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Alex Collier (a.k.a. Ralph Amagran[1]) is an American citizen who claimed to be a contactee. He alleged that he has been in contact with inhabitants of the Andromeda constellation[2] and purported to have messages to relay from these supposed visitors. "Collier's" Andromedans are of the Nordic aliens type, leaning toward the New Age "space brothers" subtype. Collier's statements include an elaborate "history" of the earth from his aliens' point of view. This secret history has elements of many other conspiracy theory and UFOlogy traditions, including Nibiru, Reptilians, grey aliens, colonizations of Earth by multiple extraterrestrial species, Lemuria, and Atlantis. Statements were made by "Collier" that he has been forced into obscurity due to threats made by three "well dressed men" who he believed to be part of a "program". Alex Collier claims that there was a common language in the world. The common language was called "Tamil", which he claims was taught to us by the aliens. Tamil is now spoken in South India, one of the very oldest ancient languages. [3] No corroboration has been made of any of these claims, either of being a "contactee" or of having been threatened into silence by any government organization.


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