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Alexandra Devane Marick
All My Children character
Portrayed by Finola Hughes
Duration 1999–2001
First appearance July 23, 1999
Last appearance July 9, 2001
Created by
Occupation Co-chairperson of the Andrassy Foundation
Business manager for her mother's Internet appliance software company
Renowned Neurologist
Residence Vadzel in Budapest, Hungary

Dr. Alex Devane was a fictional character from the ABC daytime soap opera All My Children. The role was portrayed by Finola Hughes from 1999 to 2001. The character is the twin sister of fan favourite General Hospital character Anna Devane, who Hughes also brought to All My Children from 2001 to 2003.

Character history[edit]

She is met with skepticism from Dimitri's family who suspect she is hiding something.

As it turns out Dimitri isn't dead at all. Alexandra is a renowned neurologist who Dimitri sought out to treat him. The two fell in love and were married. Believing he is going to die, Dimitri convinced his new wife to help him fake his own death to spare his family the suffering of watching him slowly die. After his "death," Alex stays in Pine Valley but is at odds with Dimitri's brother Edmund Grey, and Dimitri's ex-wife, Erica Kane, from the beginning. Erica believed she was Dimitri's only true love and hated Alex because of this. Alex also holds a grudge against David Hayward who she knew in medical school. She blames him for the death of her friend during that period.

Alex eventually breaks down and reunites Edmund with his brother, but shortly after it appears that Dimitri has drowned. Both Edmund and Alex are eventually convinced that Dimitri is dead.

After finding out that Dimitri's will names Alex as the head of the newly created Andrassy Foundation, Alex doesn't want to take the position. David and Erica team up to take control of the foundation, but Alex and David end up being the co-heads.

The relationship between Alex and Edmund turns for the better and they eventually fall in love.

Alex begins to have flashbacks of memories she can't place. She has a memory of a little girl, and names her new horse Scorpio. After some investigation she begins to suspect she is in fact Anna Devane. On top of that, they are all unaware that Dimitri is in fact alive and being held at Bryn Wydd sanitarium in Wales. It later turns out that her supposed "mother" Charlotte Devane is behind the whole thing. Charlotte stole Alex at birth and raised her as her own. Discovering later on that Alex's twin, Anna, is an important figure she decided to program Alex to believe she was Anna. The plan was later scratched and Alex's memory altered so that she wouldn't remember any of it. Charlotte is also behind Dimitri's kidnapping and it was she who led everyone to believe he had drowned. Charlotte is able to re instigate Alexandra's earlier programming to get Alex to do what she wants. Alex eventually breaks free, and Charlotte is sent to prison.

During all of this Edmund and Alex fell in love are engaged to be married. When Dimitri turns out to be very much alive, she leaves Edmund to return to her husband. Edmund is devastated by this turn of events and vows revenge.

During a yacht party given by Ryan Lavery, Alex mysteriously disappears. She contacts her family only to tell them she is all right. The brothers call a truce in order to work together to find Alex. They find her in Canada, but she's not alone. She is with her twin sister, Anna Devane! Anna has amnesia caused by a head injury she sustained in the boat explosion in 1992 that was believed to have killed her and her husband, Robert Scorpio, along with their nemesis Cesar Faison. They bring Anna back to Wildwind, but Anna struggles with seizures and is frustrated by her lack of memory. She also believes that she is still in danger. Edmund contacts Anna's daughter, Robin Scorpio, for mementos of Anna's to help spur her memory. Intrigued by his interest in her mother, Robin comes to Pine Valley and joyfully reunites with her mother. Later on Dimitri's cousin, Gillian Andrassy is shot and killed when she is mistaken for Anna.

Shortly after Gillian was killed, Dimitri and Alex received a strange phone call from a man telling them he had important information. This call caused Alex and Dimitri to leave for Hungary. No explanation for this phone call has ever been presented on screen. After all of this Alex and Dimitri returned to the Marrick home, Vadzel, in Budapest, Hungary. Alexandra has rarely been referenced since exiting All My Children. Shortly after her sister Anna gave birth to her daughter Leora Hayward, Edmund mentioned to Anna that Alex, still living in Hungary with Dimitri, had called and wanted to know if Anna was all right.

On the June 12, 2013 episode it was revealed that Alex and Dimitri got a divorce.


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