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Alex Kendrick
Born [1]
Residence Albany, Georgia
Nationality United States
Ethnicity White
Years active 2003-present
Spouse(s) Christina Kendrick
Children 6
Relatives Stephen Kendrick (brother)
Kendrick Brothers Productions

Alex Kendrick is an associate pastor at Sherwood Baptist Church, in Albany, Georgia,[2] since 1999, and an American film writer, producer, director and actor.[3] He oversees the movie outreach of the church, which includes Sherwood Pictures, the movie-creating entity that produced Flywheel (2003), Facing the Giants (2006), Fireproof (2008), and Courageous (2011). His and brother Stephen Kendrick's book, The Love Dare, appeared for 131 weeks on The New York Times Paperback Advice & Misc. Best Seller list. His book, The Resolution for Men, again with his brother, also appeared on the New York Times Best Seller list.

Kendrick is married to Christina Kendrick,[4] and they have six children together.[5]

Film career[edit]

Upon reading a survey that stated films have become more influential than churches, Kendrick set out to change the perception of movies in mainstream America.[6] He co-wrote (with brother Stephen Kendrick), directed and acted in all four movies Sherwood Pictures has produced. His second film, Facing the Giants, grossed over $10 million.[7] The football feature became the best selling Christian DVD of 2007.[8] His third film, Fireproof, grossed $33.5 million,[2] making it the highest-grossing independent film of 2008.[9] The project went on to win Best Feature at the 2009 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival,[10] as well as the Epiphany Prize at the Movieguide Awards in Los Angeles.[11] The fourth feature film by Sherwood Pictures, Courageous, distributed by TriStar, was released in theaters in September 2011 and grossed $34.5 million[12] The film won Best Feature Film and the Jubilee Award at the 2012 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival[13] as well as the Epiphany Prize at the 2012 Movieguide Awards.[14] Courageous was also the first winner of the K-Love Movie Impact Award (presented in 2013) and the first Dove Award for Movie of the Year (also presented in 2013). Kendrick also appeared in the 2013 film The Lost Medallion and the 2014 film "Moms Night Out".

The Kendrick Brothers announced in April 2013 that they plan to shoot their next film in 2014 for release the following year, through their own production company and outside the purview of Sherwood Baptist Church.[15] In a recent post, Kendrick has all the film cast and crew locked and in place, and filming is set to commence June 12.[16] In a recent "prayer guide" e-mail, filming resumed on July 7 after a week-long holiday break and wrapped up on July 26, 2014. Kendrick writes that the movie's title or cast will not be released during the production phase.


Year Title Position
2003 Flywheel Writer, Actor, Director, Producer
2006 Facing the Giants Writer, Actor, Director, Producer
2008 Fireproof Writer, Actor, Director, Producer
2010 19 Kids and Counting Self (Episode: "Duggars Go Hollywood", producing Courageous)
2011 Courageous Writer, Actor, Director, Producer
2013 The Lost Medallion Actor (uncredited onscreen)[17]
2014 Moms' Night Out Actor
2015 War Room post-production

Book career[edit]

In addition to filmmaking, Kendrick has co-written five novels from his films, the last four of which became bestsellers. The first three were with his brother, Stephen, and novelist Eric Wilson. The fourth novel, Courageous, was written with Randy Alcorn. The fifth novel for the film The Lost Medallion, was written with Bill Muir. His book The Love Dare made The New York Times Paperback Advice & Misc. bestseller list for 131 weeks,[18] reaching number-one twice.[5][19] The Love Dare has sold over 5 million copies,[20] with at least six million copies in print.[21] In October 2011, the novel for Courageous was listed on The New York Times Best Seller list,[22] along with his book The Resolution for Men,[23] which was written with his brother, Stephen. In 2013, the brothers released "The Love Dare for Parents", which became a CBA Best Seller.



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