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Alex Moiseyev plays white

Alex Moiseyev (born in Moscow in 1959) is a draughts player from Russia. He began playing Russian draughts at seven and by age fifteen he achieved a Master Rating. He had further success in Russian draughts, but switched to International draughts in 1979 or 1980[1] (sources conflict). In 1991 he left Russia and settled in the U.S.. He won the US title at the international form in 1995 and then switched to what is commonly called English draughts or American checkers. He went on to win the US National Tournament in 1999. He is a Grandmaster in International, Russian, and English draughts.[2] In 2003 he won the world title in 3 move draughts.[3]

In 2008 he won the 1st World Mind Sports Games in American checkers.[4]

World Championship titles[edit]

5 time world champion (Three-move): 2002, 2003, 2005, 2009,[5] 2011 [6]