Alex Rosamilia

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Alex Rosamilia
Birth name Alexander Rosamilia
Origin New Brunswick, New Jersey, US
Genres Alternative rock, punk rock, heavy metal
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Guitar, backing vocals
Years active 1996/98–present
Labels Mercury Records
Sabot Productions
Resist records
Associated acts The Gaslight Anthem
Brian Fallon
Something About Death or Dying
Spiro Agnew
The Killing Gift
Notable instruments
Fender Jazzmaster
Gibson Les Paul
Gibson ES-335
Gibson SG Junior

Alex Rosamilia is an American musician. Rosamilia is one of the founding members of the band The Gaslight Anthem. He plays lead guitar and provides backing vocals for the band.

Biography, early career and side projects[edit]

Rosamilia has before stated that he has "totally superseded all expectations of what (he) wanted to do, as far as being in a band (concerns)". He also has a huge fondness of The Cure, as much to calling them "the best band ever" and claiming their album Disintegration is the "best record of all time".

His early career involved being in bands such as The Killing Gift, which also included Benny Horowitz, now of The Gaslight Anthem.[1]

In recent years he has been in Spiro Agnew which is essentially The Killing Gift line-up without a vocalist. Also as of 2010 he has been in hardcore metal band Something About Death or Dying along with Darrell Coco, bassist of Spiro Agnew, vocalist Dan Pelic, and drummer Wes Kleinknecht.

The Gaslight Anthem (2006–present)[edit]

Main article: The Gaslight Anthem

Rosamilia has been the lead guitarist for The Gaslight Anthem since their formation in early 2006. With the band he has recorded five studio albums, Sink or Swim, The '59 Sound, American Slang, Handwritten, and Get Hurt.

Non-musical endeavors[edit]

Rosamilia along with the other Gaslight Anthem members, Brian Fallon, Alex Levine and Ben Horowitz have advertised for Levi Jeans.


With The Gaslight Anthem
With Something About Death or Dying
  • Something About Death Or Dying Downloadable Demo (2010)
With The Killing Gift
  • Who Watches the Watchmen? (2004)


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