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Alex Tronic Records
Founded 2005
Founder Paul Croan
Genre Electronica, Electronic music
Country of origin United Kingdom
Location Edinburgh, Scotland
Official website

Alex Tronic Records (ATR) is a record label based in Scotland who primarily release electronic music. Their current artists include Alex Tronic, ÅsA, Becki Bardot, Keser, Pockets of Resistance, Binary Zero, Iain Carnegie, Marvin Wilson, Matthew Leigh Embleton (aka Snakestyle), Minnie Rogers, Neu Gestalt, The Psychedelic Manifesto, Roys Iron DNA, 30K, Integra TV, Forward Play, Metaltech, Pixlface, Melvitronica and Fiolent V.




Cat # Artist Title
ATRCD01 ÅsA On/Off
ATRCD012 Pockets of Resistance Climate Change
ATRCD022 Keser Esoteric Escape
ATRCD037 Roys Iron DNA Men in Wax Jackets
ATRCD050 Marvin Wilson Being Here
ATRCD061 Binary Zero From Here You Can See Everything
ATRCD072 Alex Tronic To Infinity
ATRCD083 Iain Carnegie Rise
ATRCD094 The Psychedelic Manifesto Lysergic Sushi
ATRCD105 Neu Gestalt Altered Carbon
ATRCD107 Marvin Wilson Ignite
ATRCD108 30K No Signals
ATRCD109 Snakestyle Turning Point
ATRCD111 IntegraTV A morning Announcement
ATRCD115 The Psychedelic Manifesto Trommelkoph Forever Remixes
ATRCD116 Marvin Wilson Our Time Will Come
ATRCD117 Keser Robo Ghost
ATRCD118 Alex Tronic Back in the Room EP
ATRCD119 Metaltech Alkomatik
ATRCD121 Pixlface The Human Language EP
ATREP123 Cosway Artificial EP
ATREP125 Pandacetamol Headless
ATRCD126 Pandacetamol Geometric
ATRCD128 Becki Bardot Summer of Love EP
ATRCD130 Alex Tronic Shifting Sands
ATRCD131 Marvin Wilson Planetary Circuit
ATRCD133 Snakestyle Out of Bounds EP
ATRCD134 Fiolent V protect a Planet
ATRCD135 Snakestyle Snakestyle World Radio
ATREP135 Melvitronica We Aint Wise No More
ATRCD143 Neu Gestalt Weightless Hours
ATREP144 Alex Tronic Electricals EP
ATRCD146 Synthologist He Died for our Synths
ATRCD147 Dirt Diamond Debut
ATREP148 Cosway The Ibiza Sessions
ATRCD150 Minnie Rogers A Rainy Night EP
ATRS154 Keser Moon House
ATRCD155 Keser Audeamus
ATREP160 Alex Tronic, Becki Bardot Balearica Sessions
ATRS161 Minnie Rogers (Snakestyle's Drum & Bass Remix) A Rainy Night in London
ATREP162 Iain Carnegie Carnegie: Silent Ceremony
ATRCD163 Drupad Silver Dreams
ATREP164 Matthew Leigh Embleton, Susan King Music for Lute and Laptop, Vol. 1
ATREP166 Matthew Leigh Embleton Music for Lute and Laptop, Vol. 2
ATRCD170 The Psychedelic Manifesto Garden of Dreams
ATRCD666 Metaltech Burn Your Planet
ATREP101800 Metaltech Sex on the Dancefloor EP
ATRLIVECD01 Snakestyle Snakestyle Live, Vol. 1
ATRLIVECD02 Snakestyle Snakestyle Live, Vol. 2


Cat # Artist Title
ATRCD0023 Alex Tronic Records Volume 1
ATRCD112 Tronic Volume 2
ATRVOL3 The Chillout Volume 3
ATRVOL4 Beatup Volume 4
Goa 2013 Volume 3 Alex Tronic - Trip to the Source (Sunshine on Leith Dub)

ATR Classical

Cat # Artist Title
ATREP171 Matthew Leigh Embleton, David Van Ooijen Embleton: Music for Lute and Laptop, Vol. 3


Label founder Alex Tronic - (Paul Croan) had previously released and licenced music to many labels notably Koyote/Peyote Records and Cherry Red Records in 2000. He also scored music for film and TV.

Alex Tronic Records was created in 2005 and their debut release was ÅsA - On/Off which was released to widespread acclaim. Other signings followed including Keser, Roys Iron DNA and Pockets of Resistance.

Keser and ÅsA went on to tour in Scandinavia after their releases. Roys Iron DNA toured with the Lo-Fidelity Allstars and The Go! Team.

Alex Tronic Records' own Recording Studio in central Edinburgh was proving to be pivotal in discovering newly emerging talent as well as developing their current artists.

The label's first compilation album brought these talents together and was a successful venture. The Skinny magazine described the album as "a brilliant exhibition of talent... On the whole the album is extremely varied. The only thing which doesn’t change is the production quality and raw talent, which is consistent throughout."[1]

Future Music magazine awarded the Alex Tronic Volume 1 compilation album 7/10 and described it as "an eclectic and engaging debut...well worth checking out"[2]

ATR Volume 1 gained radio play worldwide including BBC Radio 1.

In 2007 Alex Tronic Records signed distribution deals with Cargo Records in the U.K. and Arabesque which covers European territories, and more signings soon followed.

Croan's own album 'Alex Tronic - To Infinity' was released on ATR in February 2009, and features contributions from artists on ATR. A follow up was released in 2010 entitled 'Back in the Room', and another entitled 'Shifting Sands' in 2011.

Alex Tronic's Electricals EP (2012) features vocalist Kirsty Brown and also includes remixes by ATR artist Snakestyle. The ideas and recordings for the EP began during Summer 2011, when Croan relocated to Ibiza to DJ and record. The EP was completed in Edinburgh during winter 2011/2012.

Alex Tronic and Becki Bardot's Balearica sessions EP features vocals from Sally Stapleton and was also released in 2012.


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