Alex van Warmerdam

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Alex van Warmerdam
Born (1952-08-14) 14 August 1952 (age 62)
Occupation writer, film director, actor
Spouse(s) Annet Malherbe
Children Mees, Houk

Alex van Warmerdam (born 14 August 1952) is a Dutch screenwriter, film director, and actor. He is also a painter.

Life and career[edit]

Van Warmerdam was born in Haarlem, a city in the province of North Holland in the Netherlands. He was cofounder of the theatre group Hauser Orkater (which later became the musictheatre group Hauser Orkater). In 1980 he founded the theatre group De Mexicaanse Hond (The Mexican Dog), together with his brother Marc van Warmerdam. This is the name under which all the shows since 1989 have been released.

He made his first feature film in 1986: Abel. He plays parts in most of his own movies, mostly performing as a lead character.

Alex van Warmerdam is married to Dutch actress Annet Malherbe, who also plays parts in most of his films. Their son Mees is a musician and has performed in various shows by theatre group De Mexicaanse Hond.

His 2013 film Borgman was nominated for the Palme d'Or at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.[1]


Short films and TV films[edit]

  • Adelbert (1977) (short film) (as an actor)[2]
  • Entree Brussels (1978) (short film) (as a writer)[3]
  • Striptease (1979) (short film) (as a writer)
  • Zie De Mannen Vallen (1980) (TV film)
  • Graniet (1982) (TV film)
  • De Stedeling (1984) (short film)

Feature films[edit]

In the following films he was writer, director, and actor, unless stated otherwise.

Date Title Notes
1986 Abel a.k.a. Voyeur[4]
1992 The Northerners
1996 The Dress
1998 Little Tony
2003 Grimm As writer and director only
2006 Waiter
2009 The Last Days of Emma Blank
2012 Black Out As an actor only
2013 Borgman


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