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Alexander Arbuthnot
Arbuthnot LOC photo meetup 2012.jpg
Alexander Arbuthnot printer's device, Thomas Jefferson Building, Library of Congress
Died 1 September 1585
Nationality Scottish
Occupation Printer
Spouse(s) Agnes Pennycuik
Parent(s) John Arbuthnot, Sr

Alexander Arbuthnot (died 1 September 1585) was an early printer in Edinburgh, Scotland, the fourth son of John Arbuthnot Sr in Portertown and of Legasland. He married one Agnes Pennycuick and died intestate.[1]

He printed the first edition of George Buchanan's first History of Scotland in 1582.[2]

The Scots Buik of the most noble and vailyzeand Conqueror Alexander the Great, printed by Alexander Arbuthnot about 1580, reprinted in 1831 for the Bannatyne Club, is not really a life. It contains three episodes of the cycle, the "Forray of Gadderis" (not taken from the Fuerre de Gadres but from the Assaut de Tyr in the Romans d'Alixandre), " The Avowes of Alexander," and "The Great Battel of Effesoun," taken from the Viceux du paon.[2]

Found in the British Library Catalogue: "Letter of the Privy Council 8 March 1575 to every parish to advance to Alexander Arbuthnet [sic] five pounds Scots for the printing of the Bible issued at Edinburgh with his imprint 1579".


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