Alexander Bachmanov

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Alexander A. Bachmanov
Residence Pennsylvania
Fields Geneticist
Institutions Monell Chemical Senses Center
Alma mater Pavlov Institute of Physiology
Known for Genetics of taste, ingestive behavior and alcohol intake

Dr. Alexander Bachmanov is a scientist and geneticist currently working at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His research focuses on the genetics of taste, ingestive behavior and alcohol intake.[1] His studies are centred on genetic variation among mouse strains, using contrasting phenotypes for genetic analyses.[2]

Select publications[edit]

  • Bachmanov AA, Reed DR, Tordoff MG, Price RA, Beauchamp GK (1996)Intake of ethanol, sodium chloride, sucrose, citric acid and quinine hydrochloride solutions by mice: a genetic analysis. Behavior Genetics 26:563-573.
  • Bachmanov AA, Tordoff MG, Beauchamp GK (2000) Intake of umami-tasting solutions by mice: A genetic analysis. Journal of Nutrition 130: 935S-941S.
  • Bachmanov AA, Li X, Reed DR, Ohmen JD, Li S, Chen Z, Tordoff MG, de Jong PJ, Wu C, West DB, Chatterjee A, Ross DA, Beauchamp GK (2001) Positional cloning of the mouse saccharin preference (Sac) locus. Chemical Senses 26: 925-933.
  • Bachmanov AA, Reed DR, Li X, Li S, Beauchamp GK, Tordoff MG (2002) Voluntary ethanol consumption by mice: Genome-wide analysis of
  • quantitative trait loci and their interactions in a C57BL/6ByJ x129P3/J F2 intercross. Genome Research 12: 1257-1268.
  • Bachmanov AA, Beauchamp GK (2007). Taste Receptor Genes. Annual Review of Nutrition 27:389-414.


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