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Alexander Balus (HWV 65) is an oratorio by George Frideric Handel. The libretto is by Thomas Morell after the biblical book of 1 Maccabees. Fourth in a series of oratorios celebrating the victories of the Royal family over the Jacobite uprisings, Alexander Balus was composed in the summer of 1747 and premiered on 23 March 1748 with Caterina Galli singing the title role.

Dramatis personae[edit]

  • Alexander Balus, King of Syria (alto)
  • Ptolemee, King of Egypt (bass)
  • Jonathan, Chief of the Jews (tenor)
  • Cleopatra, Daughter to Ptolemee (soprano)
  • Aspasia, her Confident (soprano)
  • A Sycophant Courtier (tenor)
  • Messenger (tenor)
  • Another Messenger (bass)
  • Chorus of Israelites
  • Chorus of Asiates
  • Chorus of Ruffians


Score of Alexander Balus (ed. Friedrich Chrysander, Leipzig 1870)

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