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Alexander Besher (born in China in 1951) is an author of fiction and non-fiction. In addition to novels, screenplays and teleplays, he is a journalist, consulting futurist on Pacific Rim affairs (for the San Francisco-based Global Business Network, the corporate future scenarios think-tank) and former editor of Chicago Review.

Early years[edit]

Alexander Besher's formative years were in Japan where he grew up and lived for twenty years, graduating from Canadian Academy High School in Kobe and Sophia University in Tokyo.[citation needed]



  • Rim Trilogy: science fiction, set in Japan in the 2020s an 2030
  • Kabbalah noir genre: supernatural action adventure exorcism tales in the style of Hasidic fables.
    • The Night of the Golem, set in Nazi Germany
    • The Clinging, a short novel and screenplay, received very positive review from William Peter Blatty[citation needed]
    • The Sparks of Darkness, sequel set in contemporary San Francisco


The Manga Man, also called The Hanging Butoh, is the first novel in a new trilogy, "Dance of Darkness," followed by "The Black Tao." "The Manga Man' appeared in its first edition in 2008, with "Manga Man 2.0" appearing in February 2011. It's the first transmedia novel ever to be published on a cross-platform "sentient" T-shirt designed by the Italian graphic novel artist Daniele Serra. By clicking on the QR Code (Quick Response Code) imprinted on the front of the tee with a smartphone equipped with a free downloadable QR Code app, the user/reader gets instantly transported into the "Manga Man" universe,[2] complete with mobile phone screen formatted novel, original Indie short film by San Francisco indie film maker Nara Denning, a taste of Serra's opening pages to the graphic novel based on the story, an original music soundtrack by Seattle electronic composer Diagrams of Suburban Chaos, various commentary extras, and a section entitled "The Butoh Show" that features an hour's worth of video performances by international Butoh dance performers; and finally (as a teaser), the first two chapters from the beginning of "The Black Tao," book two in the trilogy.


Besher is contributing editor of InfoWorld. He wrote the internationally syndicated weekly column, "Pacific Rim," covering business trends, technology, and cultural trends for a period of six years for The San Francisco Chronicle. This led to his authoring and editing the compendium "The Pacific Rim Almanac".[3] He is also writing for a children's magazine called The FireCracker Weekly.

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