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Alexander Boyd Barty (9 May 1873 – 2 March 1940) was a Dunblane, Scotland, solicitor and local historian who wrote the definitive study "The History of Dunblane"


Barty attended Clifton Bank School, St Andrews, Fife before graduating from St Andrews University. He served his legal apprenticeship in Edinburgh and studied law at Edinburgh University before joining his father and brother in the firm of "Tho. & J.W. Barty, Solicitor, Dunblane."[1]

Prominent in the local community, Barty became an elder of Dunblane Cathedral in 1903, Session Clerk in 1925, and Vice-Chairman of the Society of Friends of Dunblane Cathedral.[1]

He had two sons, James Webster and Dermont Barty who followed him into the family law firm, both attended Fettes College in Edinburgh.

The History of Dunblane[edit]

The classic work "The History of Dunblane" was researched and written over a number of years, and the final manuscript was with the publisher at the time of Barty's death in 1940. The first edition was published by Eneas McKay, Stirling in 1944, with a second edition published by Stirling District Libraries to mark the 50th anniversary in 1994. The second edition included an additional chapter covering the period 1900-1994 written by his son, James Webster Barty, and his granddaughter, Elisabeth Okasha.


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