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Alexander John Goodrum (1960–2002) was an internationally known African-American transgender civil rights activist, writer, and educator.[1][2][3] He was the founder and director of TGNet Arizona.[4] He was a board member of the Tucson GLBT Commission,[5] and the Funding Exchange's OUT Fund, which allocates an annual grant named after Goodrum to LGBT community organizing projects. Goodrum was bisexual, disabled, and a trans man, he wrote about his gender influencing spirituality.[6][7] His "Gender Identity 101: A Transgender Primer" has been reprinted in various forms to educate mainstream society on basic questions regarding transsexual and transgender people.[8] His work is carried on by the Southern Arizona Gender Alliance (SAGA).[9][10]

Goodrum committed suicide on September 28, 2002 while at La Frontera Psychiatric Health Facility, a psychiatric ward.[2] His death was unexpected and investigation into the facilities handling of his case prompted some procedural and physical changes at La Frontera.[1][11][12]

He was posthumously awarded the Godat Award, which honors lifetime service to the LGBT community.[13][14]


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