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Alexandra Potter (born 1970) is a British author of romantic comedies.

Born in Bradford, Yorkshire, England, and educated at Liverpool University gaining an honors degree in England Literature and Film Studies, when she was twenty-three, she moved to London[1] to be the editor of a puzzle magazine for five years. She then continued her life travelling to Australia working for Australian Vogue for 5 years before turning to fiction. To date[when?] she has written nine romantic comedies:

  1. What's New, Pussycat?

Delilah is stuck in a rut and wants to change her life, armed with necessary equipment: her dog and Tom Jones record collection, she heads to London with nowhere to go and just a business card given to her by a stranger named Charlie. Her adventure in London starts in a café by Sam, she immediately gets along with him while accidentally slipping she has no place to stay, Sam introduces her to Vivienne, her new friend/roommate. London is the perfect place for Delilah and gets thrown into her new city adventures and it's not long before she finds new love and a new life.

  1. 2 Going La La

Frankie was a girl who had it all, the perfect job, man and a lovely flat. In under a weak she manages to loose it all and sets off with her friend Rita who aspires to be an actress to recuperate in LA. Moving just to get away from her ex-boyfriend Hugh, she falls in love with an American photographer called Reilly. Frankie gives her a ride of hot and colds and Frankie hangs on for a long time.

  1. 3 Calling Romeo

Juliet's dream has always been of romance and falling in love, the story starts off with Juliet living with her boyfriend Will for two and a half years but then realizes after two years she's bored of him leaving her as another option. Juliet comes along an Italian called Skyes, who offers to take her away to Verona for a romantic weekend which leaves her wondering, has she finally found her "Romeo?"

  1. 4Do You Come Here Often?

Grace Fairley lives in South West London with her fiancé Spencer, a lawyer. After 2 years without setting a date, Grace start's to feel he isn't Mr. Right anymore. After being publicly embarrassed she heads outside to grab a cab home, at the same time her ex from thirteen years ago goes out to catch a cab they bump into each other, but what's the harm in sharing a cab?

  1. Be Careful What You Wish For

Heather is definitely not the luckiest girl in the world but still loves to make lists of wishes even though none of them come true. Suddenly, all her daily wishes come true but are these wishes too much for Heather to handle?

  1. Me and Mr Darcy

Emily Albright is a bookstore manager for a family business bookstore in New York. Emily is a disaster at relationship and has decided she's had enough of it. When her best friend invites her to go to Mexico for a week, she books a guided tour of Jane Austen county and has been selected to write a piece of how Mr Darcy's the most wanted man women would love to date, but when she comes face to face with the one and only Darcy himself will every girls fantasy become her own reality?

  1. Who's That Girl?

Charlotte Merryweather runs her own successful company with fabulous assistants and clients. Despite Charlotte's hectic designer life with a wonderful boyfriend. From when she first moved to London with no money, no friends and hardly a sense of fashion Charlotte's life has changed drastically over a course of one year. However one day Charlotte heads home to realize she's her old blotchy 21 year old self. Charlotte is set to stop making the mistakes she made and starts acting more fashionably. However Charlotte slowly realizes that maybe mistakes are meant to be made.

  1. You're The One That I Don't Want

When Lucy met Nate at age 18 it was love at first sight as they kissed under the Bridge of Sighs in Venice at sunset and-according to the legend-are tied together indefinitely. Ten years later when Lucy is working at an art gallery some mysterious businessmen orders an art piece and Lucy sets to give it to the young male, she finds herself standing in the apartment of her only and only soul mate, Nate. Then fate starts to bring then together but things keep going wrong repeatedly until they break up but can't stop avoiding each other. How do they break the legend of the Bridge of Sighs?

  1. Don't You Forget About Me

Tess is devastated when her boyfriend Seb breaks up with her and can't stop blaming herself for everything she did wrong, if only things had gone differently. But on New Year's Eve she wishes she'd never met him, when she wakes up the next morning, to her surprise, a dream has come true. Seb has no idea who she is and she's given another chance to do it all over again, and to get it right this time.

Her books have been published in both the UK (including the Commonwealth) and the US and have been translated and sold in twenty-one territories, including France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Poland, Russia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Brazil, Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia, China, Croatia and Serbia.

In 2007 she won the award for Best New Fiction at The Jane Austen World Regency World Awards for her bestselling novel, 'Me and Mr Darcy'.

She has sold the film rights to several of her novels, and 'You're The One That I Don't Want' is currently in pre-production.

Her latest book, 'Don't You Forget About Me' was published July 2012.


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