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Hilfiger in 2007.

Alexandria Susan "Ally" Hilfiger (born February 26, 1985) is an American heiress, socialite, model, stylist, film and television producer and former reality show star.

Early life and education[edit]

Hilfiger was born in New York City. She is the daughter of Tommy Hilfiger. She split her childhood between Greenwich, Connecticut, where she attended Convent of the Sacred Heart (although she spent one year attending The Eagle Hill School), and Manhattan, where she attended the Professional Children's School.

Early work[edit]

At age thirteen, she performed on Broadway in Abby's Song. At age seventeen, she produced the World War II film, Proud.

Rich Girls show[edit]

In 2003, she starred with then-best friend Jaime Gleicher in MTV's reality show Rich Girls, which the two co-produced. The show only aired for one season.

Post-Rich Girls [edit]

In the aftermath of the show, Hilfiger went to rehab[1] and she and Gleicher are no longer friends.[2][3] Hilfiger has said since making the show that "If anyone asks me to drop my name to get them in someplace — no. I still work on picking those people out of my life."[2]

She is attending the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York City and running her own vintage-accessories business, according to a 2006 British Vogue article on fashion designers' children.

Ally has been helping her father design clothes from a young age,[4] at one point designing clothes for his H by Hilfiger brand. Her father also gave her the opportunity to help design a Hilfiger store in Westchester, New York.

A film of Hilfiger's recent art was exhibited in the Chelsea Art Museum in January 2008, a project she has been working on with her painting partner Francesco Civetta (a.k.a "Izzy Gold").[5] Hilfiger is fiercely proud of this achievement, and stated that "it's really representative of our generation right now ... Basically the new generation of creative people, you're multitalented, and you use your talents and creativity in every aspect."[4]


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