Alexandria riot (66)

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Extensive riots erupted in Alexandria, Roman Egypt, in the year 66 CE, in parallel with the outbreak of the First Jewish-Roman War in neighbouring Roman Judea. During the events, the prefect Iulius Alexander attacked the Jewish quarter of the city.[1]

Historic perspective[edit]

The tensions between the Jews and Greco-Romans in Alexandria began since the riots of 38 CE, with another violent event following in 55 CE.[1] Later, the Jewish-Roman Wars had a great impact on Alexandria, with the major Jewish community of the city engaging in extensive riots in the year 66 CE. A much greater violence however followed 50 years later, when in 117 CE, the Jews of Alexandria participated in the great disturbances of the Kitos War, succeeding in destroying much of the Greek city, before the Roman Army descended upon the city to quell the revolt.

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