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Alexandros Terzian (born Alejandro Terzián on 24 June 1968 in Buenos Aires) is a retired Argentine-Greek sprinter.

Terzián, an Argentine, won the national title of that country in 100 metres in 1989 and in both 100 and 200 metres in 1990.[1] He then moved to Greece, taking his first national titles there in 1993.[2]

The same year, Terzián won the 100 m at the 1993 Mediterranean Games, in what would be his career best[3] time of 10.20 seconds. He also won the silver medal in 200 m at the same Games.[4] He also competed at the World Indoor Championships[5] and the World Championships[6] without reaching the final.

In 1994, Terzián won the silver medal in 60 metres at the European Indoor Championships in a national Greek indoor record of 6.51 seconds,[7] and finished seventh at the outdoor European Championships.[8]

His personal best time in 200 metres was 20.61 seconds, achieved in May 1997 in Piraeus. This places him eighth on the Greek all-time performers list, behind Konstantinos Kenteris, Thomas Sbokos, Alexis Alexopoulos, Yeoryios Panayiotopoulos, Anastasios Gousis, Panayiotis Sarris and Ioannis Nafpliotis.[3]


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