Alexandru Papadopol-Calimah

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Alexandru Papadopol-Calimah
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Principality of Romania
In office
October 17, 1865 – February 10, 1866
Monarch Alexandru Ioan Cuza
Preceded by Nicolae Rosetti-Bălănescu
Succeeded by Ion Ghica
Minister of Culture and Public Instruction
In office
November 16, 1868 – 1870
Personal details
Born (1833-01-15)January 15, 1833
Died June 6, 1898(1898-06-06) (aged 65)
"Alexandru Papadopol-Calimah" redirects here. For the Romanian actor, please see Alexandru Papadopol.

Alexandru Papadopol-Calimah (January 15, 1833 – June 18, 1898) also known as Alexandru Papadopol-Callimachi was a Romanian historian, publicist and politician who served as the Minister of Foreign Affairs and as the Minister of Culture and Public Instruction of the Principality of Romania.

Life and political career[edit]

Papadopol-Calimah was born on January 15, 1833 in Tecuci, to the family of Nicephorus Papadopol, a ship captain, and his wife, Euphrosyne Callimah, the daughter of the Prince of Wallachia Scarlat Callimachi Voevod.[1] He served as the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Nicolae Crețulescu's cabinet from October 17, 1865 until February 10, 1866 and as the Minister of Culture and Public Instruction from November 16, 1868 until 1870 in Dimitrie Ghica's cabinet. Papadopol-Calimah was a member since September 12, 1876 and Vice President of the Romanian Academy from March 18, 1885 to April 5, 1886.[2] He died on June 18, 1898 in Tecuci.

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