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Alexey Ivanovich Sudayev
Могила конструктора-оружейника Алексея Судаева.JPG
Born Alexey Ivanovich Sudayev
(1912-08-23)August 23, 1912
Leningrad, Russia
Died August 17, 1946(1946-08-17) (aged 33)
Leningrad, Russia
Occupation inventor, engineer

Alexey Ivanovich Sudayev (Russian: Алексей Иванович Судаев) (August 23, 1912 - August 17, 1946) was a Russian weapons designer. He created the PPS submachine gun and the AS-44 assault rifle.

He lived in Leningrad, and participated in the defense of the city. The PPS was developed to be mass-produced for the defense of Leningrad.

Sudayev designed one of the first Soviet assault rifles for the new intermediate cartridge 7.62×39mm, the AS-44. The first prototype was tested in 1944, and found as working adequately by the Soviet army, but considered too heavy at 5.6 kg. Sudayev then worked on a second, lighter prototype that weighted only 5.35 kg. However this prototype had accuracy and reliability problems, yet to be resolved.[1] Sudayev however fell severely ill and died in 1946, a week shy of his 34th birthday, before his design could be finalized.[2]

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