Alexis Cohen

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Alexis Cohen
Alexis Cohen AI.jpg
Cohen auditioning on American Idol
Born (1983-10-17)17 October 1983
Brooklyn, New York, USA
Died 25 July 2009(2009-07-25) (aged 25)
Seaside Heights, New Jersey, USA
Occupation Singer

Alexis Cohen (October 17, 1983 - July 25, 2009) was a reality TV show contestant and singer born in Brooklyn, New York best known for her appearances on American Idol where she compared her singing style to vocalists such as Grace Slick, Janis Joplin and Pat Benatar.[1] She was known as Glitter Girl in the press.[2][3]


In 2009, she died in a hit and run car accident in Seaside Heights, New Jersey by Daniel Bark,[4] who was later arrested and indicted for drunk and reckless driving, manslaughter and leaving the scene of an accident.[5][6][7] Authorities later reported that Bark, who had a previous 2004 DUI conviction, was fleeing police when he struck and killed Cohen after failing to stop when a police officer on a bicycle ordered him to do so.[8] Bark later accepted a plea bargain in November 2011 and pled guilty to eluding police and drunk driving. Prosecutors dismissed manslaughter and other charges in the 2009 accident that killed Cohen.[9]

Her performances on American Idol brought her a great deal of notoriety,[10] so much so her death was covered by such notable sources as People Magazine,[11] Entertainment Weekly,[12] MTV,[13] Rolling Stone,[14] ABC News,[15] and The New York Daily News.[16]

In addition to her singing career, Cohen was a graduate of East Stroudsburg North High School and attending Montgomery Community College and studying to be a veterinarian at the time of her death.[17]


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