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Alfons "Alf" Joseph Klimek (born 3 February 1956) is an Australian musician.

Klimek was born in Melbourne and is the older brother of Johnny Klimek and Jayney Klimek. In June 1977, he joined the "Stuffed Puppets" under the guidance of Neville Tranter as a puppeteer and comedy script writer. The group flew to Amsterdam to take part in the Festival of Fools. 1979 saw him leave the puppets and join the crazy cabaret group, "The Busby Berkeleys" writing shows and performing all over Europe and in New York City, and one year later again joined the ex-Nina Hagen Band in Berlin, Germany who renamed themselves Spliff as front-man and co-writer for the "Spliff Radio Show".

Klimek returned to Australia and joined forces with his brother Johnny Klimek. Together they returned to Berlin in 1983 and, joined by Johnny's twin sister Jayney Klimek, started the pop group, The Other Ones. In 1987, they had two single hits, "Holiday" and "We Are What We Are" which charted in Germany and the USA. ("Holiday" peaked at number 29 on the Billboard top 100 chart)

Klimek left the band in 1990, moving his home base several times between Berlin and Melbourne. He owned his own studio, Birdland with producer Lindsay Gravina and worked in event musicals for a number of years until, in 1998 was asked by Klaus Baumgart to create a series of musical and audiobook productions for the successful "Laura's Star" series.