Alfa Kappa Pi

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Alfa Kappa Pi
Founded 2005
Universidad Central del Este
Type Professional
Emphasis Medical
Motto Salus Scientia Caritas ("Health Science and Charity")
Colors Red, white and blue
Chapters 6

Alf Kappa Pi Fraternity (ΑΚΠ, commonly abbreviated to Alfa Kappa Pi) is a professional fraternity in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico with 6 active chapters. Founded at Universidad Central del Este in San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic in 2005, by Luis A. Rivera. Alfa Kappa Pi or AKP is composed by medical students and physicians (militants).


Under the postulates of Health, Science and Charity the Professional Society Alfa Kappa Pi has inflamed the hearts of students and professionals anxious to serve and eager for knowledge. AKP born from the restlessness of young medicine students worried about integration about the social welfare and medical science in a society where the disinterestedness by the other people's well-being is the rule. This restlessness took to the founders to organize themselves and to outline a plan of work focused in the professional growth and the social welfare of the community where we lived.


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