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Alfa Romeo Mille is one of the most famous trolleybuses from Alfa Romeo.


The model was produced from 1963 to 1964.[1] The Mille had different versions. They were used in Italy, Uruguay and other countries. In Italy, most from these trolleybuses were used in Milan. The trolleybus had a special style and it is different from the past models of the company.[citation needed]

Technical characteristics[edit]

It had an engine Alfa Romeo 1607 e l’Alfa Romeo 1610. This engine had 165 horsepower with a volume of 11.050 cc and had 2000 revolutions per minute.[citation needed]


The trolleybus use bodies from Casaro and SEAC.


  • Alfa Romeo 10P - 30 examples
  • Alfa Romeo AU7 - 85 examples


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