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Alfonso Jacquin Gutierrez (Santa Marta, Colombia 1953- Bogotá 1985) Colombian guerrilla, member of the National Direction of the M-19 and founder of this guerrilla. Lawyer of the University of the Atlantic, evolved like professor of Right in the Free University of Barranquilla. It was a brilliant orator. Near friend of Jaime Bateman and Carlos Toledo Plata.

Shortly before signing the truce, the 28 of April 1984 he's participate, along with Antonio Navarro Wolf in the assault to the tourist train that towards the route between Bogota and Zipaquira, act by which was judged and found guilty, but is pardoned by the Supreme Court of Justice. Once defeat the truce and the Process of Peace, by orders of one of pictures of the M-19 Alvaro Fayad; Jacquin, Andrés Almarales and Luis Otero Cifuentes makes the taking to the Palace of Justice in as they die. Its corpse like the one of its companions continues missing.