Alfred Lutter

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Alfred Lutter
Born Alfred Lutter III
(1962-03-21) March 21, 1962 (age 53)
United States
Occupation Actor
Years active 1974-1977

Alfred Lutter III (born March 21, 1962) is an American former child actor[1] who starred along with Ellen Burstyn and Jodie Foster in the Martin Scorsese film Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore.[2] The TV-series Alice was a spin-off of this movie, in which Lutter reprised his role as Alice's son Tommy in the pilot episode, but was replaced by Philip McKeon when the series began.

Lutter also appeared as the young version of Woody Allen's character "Boris" in Love and Death,[3] and played the brainy "Ogilvie" in the original The Bad News Bears and its first sequel The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training. He also starred as "Phillip" in The Cay, a TV movie about a black Caribbean Islander and a white American boy lost on an island. The movie aired October 24, 1974.

Lutter earned a BS in engineering from Stanford University in 1984 and an MS in management and engineering from Stanford in 1988. He is currently an executive with Cumulus Media.


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