Alfred Rittmann

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Alfred Rittmann
Born 23 March 1893
Died 19 September 1980
Piazza Armerina, Sicily

Volcanology Institute, Napoli (1926-34)

University of Basel (1934-41)
Centro geominerario, Instituto della Recostruzione Industriale, Napoli (1941-44)
Centro Geologico Silano, Conzilio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Napoli (1944-48)
University of Alexandria (1949-53)
University of Cairo (1953-57)
Volcanology Institute, University of Catania (1958-63)
Istituto Internazionale di Vulcanologia, Catania (1960-68)
Alma mater University of Basel and University of Geneva (1922)
Doctoral advisor Louis Claude Duparc
Known for Orogénèse et volcanisme (1951)

Alfred Rittmann was a world's leading volcanologist at his time. His book "Vulkane und ihre Tätigkeit" was translated in five languages (2 ed.) and it was a standard work on volcanism. He drew the right conclusion that orogenic uplift volcanism (igneous rocks of the calc series), lacks alkaline basalts (igneous rocks of the sodic series). At the annual meeting of the German Geological Society in January 1939, he was right opposing the idea that the Mid-Atlantic Ridge was an orogenic uplift by compression, and his opposition to disregard the Continental drift theory raised doubts. He was elected IAV President (IAV at that time) for three periods (1954–1963).



...Mainly for morphological reasons, the view was expressed that the Mid-Atlantic Ridge was an embryonic folding of mountains. For similar reasons, it was suspected the existence of drowned mountains transverse to the Ridge that connect North Africa to Central America. These two assumptions seem to be contrary to all petrologists known fact (not theory!) that in the active orogenic uplift, magmas of the calc-alkali series ('Pacific igneous rocks') occur. In the Azores and the islands, of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, however, come to light typical lavas of sodic-alkali series ('Atlantic igneous rocks' sic!), which speaks for a more cratonic character of that crusts. It would be highly unlikely that just an invisible piece of folded mountains is an exception, as all the mountain heights, with volcanoes, and especially the submarine mountains (Kuril Islands, Ryukyu Islands, Aleutian Islands, the Antilles, etc.) have normally magmas of very pronounced 'Pacific' character. Consideration of such petrological and magmalogical knowledge is a necessity. The same applies to the established findings of Geophysics and especially of the seismic, which are often neglected also...

—Alfred Rittmann[1]

Selected publications[edit]

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