Alfred Tauber

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Alfred Tauber
Born (1866-11-05)November 5, 1866
Pressburg, Austrian Empire (today Bratislava, Slovakia)
Died July 26, 1942(1942-07-26) (aged 75)
Theresienstadt concentration camp
Nationality Austrian
Fields Mathematics
Alma mater University of Vienna
Doctoral advisor Gustav Ritter von Escherich
Emil Weyr
Known for Abelian and tauberian theorems
Not to be confused with the medicine and philosophy professor Alfred I. Tauber (born 1947).

Alfred Tauber (November 5, 1866 – July 26, 1942) was an Austrian mathematician who was born in Bratislava, then in Kingdom of Hungary and called Pozsony, and was murdered in the Theresienstadt concentration camp.[1] In 1897 he proved a corrected converse of Abel's theorem. G.H. Hardy and J.E. Littlewood coined the term Tauberian to describe converse theorems like that proved by Tauber.


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