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Navy League of the United States
Founded 1902
Type Non-profit support organization
  • Arlington, Virginia

The Navy League of the United States, commonly referred to as The Navy League, is a national association with nearly 50,000 members who advocate for a strong, credible United States Navy, United States Marine Corps, United States Coast Guard and U.S. Merchant Marine.

It was founded, at the suggestion of Theodore Roosevelt, in 1902. The Navy League describes itself as "a civilian organization dedicated to the education of our citizens, including our elected officials, and the support of the men and women of the sea services and their families."


Seapower magazine and the Almanac of Seapower are the official publications of the Navy League. Seapower is published monthly and focuses on maritime defense news. The Almanac of Seapower is published annually in January.[1]

Sea services award program[edit]

The Navy League makes the following awards to members of the sea services:

John Paul Jones Award for Inspirational Leadership
Admiral Claude V. Ricketts Awards for Inspirational Leadership
Captain Winifred Quick Collins Awards for Inspirational Leadership

The Captain Winifred Quick Collins Award is given by the Navy League of the United States in honor of Winifred Collins. It has been presented since 1973 to one female officer and one female enlisted member of the United States Navy, per year. The Captain Winifred Quick Collins Award "is awarded to a woman officer and an enlisted woman whose exceptional leadership and performance in their military duties have been accomplished by outstanding contributions that have brought them recognition and reflected credit on women in the naval service."[2]

General John A. Lejeune Award for Inspirational Leadership
General Gerald C. Thomas Award for Inspirational Leadership
David H. Jarvis Award for Inspirational Leadership
Douglas A. Munro Award for Inspirational Leadership
Arthur L. Johnson Award for Inspirational Leadership
Oscar Chappell Award for Inspirational Leadership
Naval Intelligence Foundation Award for Exceptional Leadership in Intelligence Support to the Fleet
Robert M. Thompson Award for Outstanding Civilian Leadership
Rear Admiral William S. Parsons Award for Scientific and Technical Progress
Stephen Decatur Award for Operational Competence
General Holland M. Smith Award for Operational Competence
Alfred Thayer Mahan Award for Literary Achievement

The Alfred Thayer Mahan Award for Literary Achievement is named for the famous American naval historian and theorist, Rear Admiral Alfred Thayer Mahan, United States Navy who, through his writing, provided vital stimulus and guidance to those who share in the defense of the nation. Presented since 1957, "this award for literary achievement is awarded to a U.S. Navy officer, U.S. Marine Corps officer, enlisted service member, or civilian who has made a notable literary contribution that has advanced the knowledge of the importance of sea power in the United States."[2]

J. William Middendorf II Award for Engineering Excellence
Admiral Ben Moreell Ward for Logistics Competence
Vincent T. Hirsch Maritime Award


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