Alfredo Moser

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Alfredo Moser
Born Alfredo Moser
Manchester, Brasil
Nationality Brazilian
Occupation mechanic, inventor
Known for Lamp Moser
Spouse(s) Carmelinda

Alfredo Moser (Uberaba) is a Brazilian mechanic and inventor.


Born in Uberaba, Minas Gerais in Brazil. He married Carmelinda in 1978. He is known for the Lamp Moser.[1]

Lamp Moser[edit]

Moser invented a lamp in 2002 with a plastic bottle, water and bleach, which works by refraction of sunlight. The intensity of the Lamp Moser is approximately 60 voltios (watts) and emits no CO2.[2] Are easily constructed and installed.[3]

It was created by the constant blackouts was in Brazil, illuminates free many homes in the world such: Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Argentina and Fiyi.[4]

"It's a divine light. God gave us the sun at all, so the light is for everyone. Whoever wants to (use the Lamp Moser), saves money. You will not electrocute with this and does not cost you a dime".[5]

—Alfredo Moser, August 2013.


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