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Algea is a Norwegian multinational operating in the chemical industry, a world leader in the market for special seaweed-based fertilizer ingredients.


Algea Produckter As was founded in 1937, as a result of Haakon Torgersen’s intuition on the use of seaweed in nutrition. The Neptune’s trident logo identified the company until 1987.

Algea was acquired by Protan, when its international level was already evident: it exported 50% of its production of seaweed meal to the Netherlands, UK, France and the USA. In 10 years, from 1960 onwards, Algea built several plants along the Norwegian coast, including that of Bronnoysund, which still exists today. The commercial results also made it possible for the company to invest in research and develop a new method of production that would revolutionize the market. In the 1980s, supported by proven beneficial properties of its products, Algea diversified production, extending it to animal feed, including fish food, and cosmetics. In 1984, the Drammens Tidende & Buskerud Blad wrote: "After years of scientific research with promising results, there are strong indications that the seaweed extract manufactured by Securus’ subsidiary in Drammen, Algea Produkter, will be a hit on the world market”[1]

Protan was in turn acquired by the Securus group. The logo of the latter, a double "S", was used by Algea from 1987 to 1994.

In fact, Protan (later called Pronova) and Securus wanted to convey and maintain Algea’s strong identity and develop a new logo using blue and green, indicating the sea and the land, and adding waves in the first and last letters.

In 2000, the solid economic base built up by the company allowed the acquisition of Maxicrop, an English company specializing in the production of seaweed extracts, as well as Frøytang, a Norwegian company at the time leader in production of seaweed products for human and animal consumption. In 2002 the Valagro group, a leading manufacturer of biostimulants, acquired Algea and started a process of restructuring and development of its image, starting with the logo, that was renewed, both in the lettering and in the colours, now reduced from two to one, the colour of the Arctic Ocean, emphasizing that Algea is the only company to collect and produce seaweed-based products north of the Arctic Circle.

Following the renewal process that started 8 years earlier, Algea has entered the functional food and food supplement ingredients markets as well as the cosmetic ingredients market.


  1. ^ Challenge and change – by Finn Erhard Johannessen page 106

Algea Businesses[edit]

  • Ingredients for Functional Foods e Food Supplements
  • Ingredients for cosmetic products
  • Ingredients for special fertilizers
  • Ingredients for animal feeds

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ID CARD[edit]

Algea AS

Country: Norway

Type: Aksjeselskap

Founded 1937 in Kristiansund

Headquarter: Kristiansund


  • Bronnoysund
  • Offersoy

Chemicals Products:

  • Fertilizer Ingredients
  • Animal Feed
  • Cosmetics Ingredients
  • Food Ingredients

Turnover: 6 million of € (2011)

Employees: 26 (2010)

Slogan: Algea, The Arctic Company