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Alhambra Orchestra
AlhambraLogo noshadow.png
Alhambra Orchestra logo
Founded 1990
Location Miami, Florida, United States
Principal conductor Alfred Gershfeld

The Alhambra Orchestra is an amateur orchestra based in Miami, Florida. For over 20 years, the orchestra has promoted classical music throughout Miami-Dade County by presenting residents with free concerts throughout the local area. It has also made an impact on its community by promoting classical music education through outreach programs that include performances for kids in various schools. The orchestra is conducted by Alfred Gershfeld as well as other guest conductors who include Scott Flavin, Peter Fuchs and Zoe Zeniodi.[1][2]


Founded in 1990 by Leo Waltz, the orchestra presents approximately 7 concerts per season and has now performed over 100 free concerts. Consisting of approximately 60 active members, the Alhambra Orchestra is governed by a 9-member board of directors and is funded by government grants, business sponsorship and private donations.[3]

Included in every season is the December joint concert with the Civic Chorale of Greater Miami to perform Handel's Messiah.[4] The orchestra also performs a yearly joint concert with the Greater Miami Youth Symphony.[5][6] At mid-season, a performance featuring winners of an annual concerto competition is presented.[7] The season ends with an opera performance in collaboration with Riuniti Opera.


  • 1990-2000 Leo Waltz
  • 2001-2002 Isaac Chueke
  • 2002-2008 Reginald F. Nicholson
  • 2009–present Alfred Gershfeld

Guest Artists[edit]


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