AliEn (ALICE Environment)

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Developer(s) CERN
Stable release 2.13 / May 7, 2007
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Data Analysis
License LGPL/GPL
Website AliEn home page

AliEn is a lightweight Grid framework developed at CERN. It is built around Open Source components using the combination of Web Service and distributed agent model. It is being developed by the ALICE collaboration as a production environment for the simulation, reconstruction and analysis of physics data.


Overview over the different services running at CERN, on the AliEn gateway machine at the site and the worker nodes at the site.

Central services[edit]

The central services are the services that run at CERN.

The servers providing the central services installed at CERN.

Site monitor[edit]

(Monitoring Agents using a Large Integrated Services Architecture)