Ali Bin Nasser

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Ali Bin Nasser (also spelled Ali Bennaceur, born 2 March 1944) is a former Tunisian football referee.[1]

He refereed the match between Argentina and England in the 1986 FIFA World Cup, where the "Hand of God" and "the Best goal of the Century" both by Diego Maradona in the same match, winning the quarter-finals over England. Maradona punched the ball into the net, a move illegal in football; however, Bin Nasser claimed that he did not see this and claimed that Maradona had headed the ball.

At the 1986 FIFA World Cup finals, he was also the first official in the group match between Poland and Portugal as well as an assistant in three further matches at the tournament, including the round of 16 fixture between Denmark and Spain.[2] He never arbitrated a FIFA World Cup match again after the '86 tournament ended.