Ali Gul Pir

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Ali Gul Pir
Birth name Ali Gul Pir
Born (1986-02-14) February 14, 1986 (age 28)
Genres Hip hop, rap, comedy
Years active 2012-present

Ali Gul Pir (Urdu: علی گل پیر‎) (born February 14, 1986) is a Pakistani hip hop MC and stand-up comedian.[1] He achieved popularity by his first single, Waderai Ka Beta, a comedy song about today's political situation in Pakistan. Ali Gul Pir's single VIP also depicts the corrupt lifestyle of country's politicians, also featuring in this song is Team 69 Combat Diver Taimoor Gazan, who plays role of a personal bodyguard of Ali. [2][3] He is an ethnic Sindhi, the biggest Sindhi star in Pakistan today.


Ali Gul Pir started his career as actor in stand-up comedy roles. He is a stand-up comedian turned singer. His political and social debut single Waderai Ka Beta got popularity with half a million hits on YouTube within a week.[3] His second single Taroo Maroo is about the people who stare.[2]

Pir does not know proper Urdu, as he belongs to a Sindhi family. His high school teacher mentioned that he consistently failed his Urdu exams.

He was nominated as the Best Newcomer in Music category of 1st Hum Awards on March 12, 2013, but for some reason Hum TV's official skipped the category.[4]


  • Waderai Ka Beta - 2012
  • Saeen To Saeen - 2012
  • Taroo Maroo[2] - 2013
  • VIP - 2013
  • Kholo BC with Adil Omar - 2014
  • Justice - 2014
  • Kaisa Diya? - 2014


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