Ali Yovchev

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Ali Kerim Yolchuyev - Internal Troops of Azerbaijan Republic "Falcon" spetsnaz soldier, sergeant.


He was born in 1982 in Baku, Azerbaijan State Border Service in 2001, started his career in the military. Ali later left the reserve in 2003 Yolchuyev of Internal Troops of the "N" military unit "Falcon" in excess of the special group of military service, and promoted to the rank of sergeant. In August 2008, the security agencies (Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Internal Troops of Azerbaijan of Azerbaijan State Border Service, Ministry of National Security) in the village of Hazra Gusar region "Forest Brothers" opened fire on a group terorrist during the operation, to disposal 4 were killed on the spot by a bullet wound.

By the state, the highest price[edit]

March 12, 2009 decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the basis of the protection of the state, ensuring public safety, while performing his official duties and tasks to provide a high level of professionalism of the "Courage" was awarded (posthumously).