Alianza (album)

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Studio album by Alianza
Released 1992
Recorded June/July 1992 at the Ice House, Yeovil
Genre Folk music/World music
Label Road Goes On Forever RGF CD 012
Producer Phil Beer

Alianza is a 1992 album by a group of Anglo-Chilean musicians who performed under the name Alianza.


Steve Knightley and Phil Beer (of the band), who perform as Show of Hands together, have since featured "Santiago" and "Tall Ships" in Show of hands live gigs and albums. The recording of "Santiago" on this album was on Phil Beer's solo boxset Box Set One in 2010.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Morna" (Steve Knightley) / "Tobin's Favourite" (Trad)
  2. "Ojos Azules" (Trad) / "Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy" (Trad)
  3. "Ay Paloma" (Mauricio Venegas)
  4. "Man Of War" (Knightley)
  5. "Nuca Llacta" (Trad)
  6. "Surtierra" (Venegas)
  7. "Buttered Peas" (Trad) / "Carnival" (Knightley)
  8. "Shallow Brown" (Trad) / "Elegva" (Venegas)
  9. "Tall Ships" (Knightley)
  10. "Idbury Hill" (Trad)/"Carnavolito" (Trad)
  11. "List For A Sailor" (Trad)
  12. "Santiago" (Knightley)