Alice Miles

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Alice Miles
Alice Miles.JPG
Nationality British
Occupation Journalist, political commentator
Notable credit(s) The Times
Evening Standard
Daily Express

Alice Miles is a British journalist. From 1999, she worked for The Times, initially as a parliamentary sketch writer, later as a columnist specialising in health and social policy.

After graduating from Southampton University, Miles was adopted as a trainee on The Mail on Sunday. She has also worked as a reporter for the Evening Standard and as a leader writer on the Daily Express, and qualified as a barrister.[1] A potential female presenter on Today around 2001, she was not ultimately appointed.[2][3]

Miles won the What the Papers Say Columnist of the Year award in 2007.[4]

Miles was appointed in September 2012 to a paid post (alongside Dr Tim Leunig), advising the Education Secretary Michael Gove and Liberal Democrat Minister of State for Schools David Laws.[5]


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