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Alice in Murderland, also known as The Alice in Wonderland Murders, is a low budget American horror film written and directed by Dennis Devine. The film, produced in 2010, stars Malerie Grady, Marlene McCohen, Kelly Kula and Christopher Senger.

The film has received negative reviews by critics for several reasons. However it has received a large fanbase on its Facebook page.


Alice Lewis, a young 20 year-old girl, is turning 21 and is upset about it. Her sorority girlfriends want to cheer her up, and decide to hold a birthday party with an Alice in Wonderland theme at Charlene Glass's house. Alice knows that in the basement of that house, her mother, Ann Lewis, was brutally hacked to death by a mask killer 20 years before. The girls set a rule that no cell phones and no boys will be allowed.[1]

Everyone comes as their favorite character from the film. Someone who was not invited goes as the Jabberwocky ( a fierce creature from the book) and brings mayhem to the girls' night as he starts murdering them one by one while the party is taking place.[2]


  • Malerie Grady as Alice Lewis
  • Marlene Mc'Cohen as Malory White
  • Kelly Kula as Kat Glass
  • Christopher Senger as Rene White
  • Katie Loche O'Brien as Tiffany
  • Heath Butler as Donna
  • Kim Argetsinger as Samantha Glass
  • Gabrielle Abitol as Charlene Glass
  • Elizabeth Lam Nguyen as Pima
  • Jennifer Field as Dee
  • Jennifer Kamstock as Aunt Lena
  • Katie Hotchkiss as Ann Lewis
  • Montre Bible as Andrew
  • John Buco II as Matt


Alice in Murderland was produced in 2010 by Tom Cat Films[3] and was released on February 8, 2011 by Brain Damage Films.[4]


Alice in Murderland received negative reviews from film critics and many horror fans. Criticisms of the film focused on the poor quality of the "Jabberwockey's" costume, lack of screen-time for the titular character, a perception of characters as insincere and fake, numerous shots in which film crew and equipment are clearly visible, The identity of the Jabberwocky killer, The characters of Matt and Andrew as just being throw away characters and not even having 5 minutes of screentime each, a repetitive soundtrack and the misrepresentation of the film on the DVD cover.

However, despite these criticisms the Alice in Murderland concept has developed a cult following.[5][6]


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