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Alicia Dujovne Ortiz (born in 1940) is an Argentine journalist and author.

Dujovne Ortiz was born in Buenos Aires. She earned a degree in Philosophy and Letters from the University of Buenos Aires and contributed to numerous Argentine periodicals. Forced into exile by the military dictatorship in 1978, she relocated to Paris. She contributed to Le Monde and became a literary adviser to the prestigious Gallimard publishing house. She received a fellowship from the Simon Guggenheim Foundation in 1986 and authored biographies on María Elena Walsh (1979), Diego Maradona (1993), and Eva Perón (1995). She received a Konex Award, the highest recognition in the Argentine cultural realm, for her career. Dujovne Ortiz lives in Toulouse, and her most recent books include El Arbol de la Gitana and Mireya.[1][2]

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