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Alicja is a Polish language given name that is equivalent to Alice in English. Notable people with the name include:

  • Alicja Boratyn (born 1992), Polish singer
  • Alicja Fiodorow, Paralympian athlete from Poland competing mainly in category T46 sprint events
  • Alicja Janosz (born 1985), the winner of Polish Idol in 2002
  • Alicja Kotowska (died 1939), Polish nun, head of the Resurrectionist convent in Wejherowo 1934 to 1939, martyred by the German Nazis in 1939
  • Alicja Majewska (born 1948), Polish singer
  • Alicja Olechowska (born 1956), Polish politician
  • Alicja Pęczak (born 1970), retired breaststroke and medley swimmer from Poland
  • Alicja Rosolska, Polish professional tennis player
  • Alicja Sakaguchi (born 1954), Polish linguist and university professor in the field of Esperanto and interlinguistics
  • Alicja Trout, Memphis-based American rock guitarist, singer, songwriter and artist

In fiction/films: