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Alientrap Games
Industry Interactive entertainment
Founded 2002 (2002)
Founder Lee Vermeulen
Headquarters Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Products Nexuiz, Capsized

Alientrap Games is an independent video game developer led by Lee Vermeulen and Jesse McGibney. It has released the games Nexuiz, Capsized and Apotheon.


Main article: Nexuiz

Alientrap was founded in 2002 by Lee Vermeulen to develop Nexuiz, a first-person shooter built on Quake engine derivative DarkPlaces.[1]

During the development of Nexuiz, the Alientrap team consisted of head designer Vermeulen, Darkplaces engine programmer Forest Hale, programmer Andreas ‘Black’ Kirsch, and a variety of contributing artists and level designers. It was released as free software under the GPL in 2005.[2] Nexuiz was later remade as a commercial product in 2012, published by THQ.[citation needed]


Main article: Capsized (video game)

Alientrap re-formed in 2009 under Lee Vermeulen to create a new game, Capsized, in collaboration with Jesse McGibney. Vermeulen started the project as a computer science student at the University of Saskatchewan bringing on McGibney, a longtime friend then studying illustration at Sheridan College. Vermeulen served as programmer and McGibney as art designer, while sound design was handled by freelancers.[3]

Both Vermeulen and McGibney submitted an early version of Capsized as their final undergraduate assignment,[1] and continued development full-time after graduation as Alientrap Games Inc. Capsized was released in April 2011 on Steam, and is in development for iOS and Android platforms.[3]


Main article: Apotheon
The first published screenshot of Apotheon.

In mid-2011, Alientrap began work on Apotheon, a action role-playing game platformer set in ancient Greece. Art designer Jesse McGibney drew inspiration from the painting style of ancient Greek pottery. Alientrap director Lee Vermeulen compared the free-roaming level design of Apotheon to that of the classic action-adventure game Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.[3] Apotheon was released on February 3, 2015, for Linux, OS X, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.[4]


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