Alinea (restaurant)

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Restaurant information
Established 2005
Current owner(s) Grant Achatz
Head chef Grant Achatz
Food type Molecular/deconstructivist/experimental
Rating 3 stars (Michelin Guide). Voted 6th best restaurant in the world by Restaurant Magazine 2011
Street address 1723 North Halsted St.
City Chicago
State Illinois
Country United States

Alinea is a restaurant in Chicago that opened on May 4, 2005. Its head chef and owner, Grant Achatz, is known for his preparations and deconstructions of classic flavors. In 2010, Alinea became one of only two restaurants in Chicago to receive the highest rating of three stars from the Michelin Guide[1] and was subsequently reviewed by restaurant critic Sam Sifton in the New York Times.[2] The restaurant takes its name from the symbol alinea, which is featured as a logo.[3]


The exterior of the restaurant is nondescript

In October 2008, Grant Achatz and co-author Nick Kokonas published Alinea (ISBN 1-58008-928-3 ISBN 978-1-58008-928-9), a hardcover coffee-table book featuring more than 100 of the restaurant's recipes. The book's narrative follows life in the kitchen for Achatz and his crew, and includes more than 400 behind-the-scenes photographs by Lara Kastner.

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