Alishan Range

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A view from Alishan.

The Alishan Range (Chinese: 阿里山山脈; pinyin: Ālǐ Shān Shānmài) is a mountain range in central-southern region of Taiwan. It is separated by the Qishan River from the Yushan Range, the tallest range of Taiwan on the east of the Alishan Range. The highest peak of Alishan Range is Datashan (大塔山), which has a height of 2,663 m (8,737 ft).[1] There is a famous Taiwanese song called "A Li Shan De Gu Niang" which is about a girl in the Alishan mountains. The name Ali Shan seems to be taken from the word "Alit", which in several Taiwanese indigenous languages means "ancestor mountain".[2]

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