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Alishing District is a district in Afghanistan, located 21 km from Mihtarlam, the provincial centre of Laghman Province. It has borders with Kabul and Kapisa provinces to the West, Dawlat Shah District to the North, Alingar District to the East and Mihtarlam District to the South. The population is 63,200 (2006) - 60% of them Pashai, 25% Pashtun and 15% Tajik. The district center is the village of Alishing (Alishang), located on 34°42′16″N 70°09′14″E / 34.7044°N 70.1539°E / 34.7044; 70.1539 at 862 m altitude. There are 12 zones, each with around 12 to 14 villages located in the valleys and mountains. The Alishing river crosses the district and is the main source of irrigation. It is a mountainous district, and many villages are extremely isolated.

The economy of the district is poor. Security in the district is reportedly good during the day, but there are some reports of robberies at night.

The district lacks agricultural land since Alishing is a mountainous district. Some rainfed land is cultivated in the hills, however during the dry season these fields are left fallow. Arable land in the plains is irrigated by river and by intakes (which are frequently damaged by flood). Elders stated that there was a need for reconstruction of intakes and protective walls, and also for a free / low-cost veterinary clinic, as there is a high level of animal husbandry. They requested water pumps for irrigation in three locations (Meal, Gona Pal, Saigal) as irrigation here is seasonal, and also expressed a need for fertilizer, proved seeds and tractors for agriculture.

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