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Alison Chernick is a New York based writer/director and filmmaker.[1][2]

Chernick's first documentary was on contemporary artist Jeff Koons titled, The Jeff Koons Show.[3] Her second feature-length documentary on artist Matthew Barney titled, Matthew Barney: No Restraint, premiered at the Berlin Film Festival and was acquired for theatrical distribution by The Weinstein Company.

Diagram of an Arist: Roy Lichtenstein, Chernick's documentary on artist Roy Lichtenstein featured in Tate Modern's exhibition, Lichtenstein: A Retrospective.

Her documentaries have also screened at various museums around the world including the five Guggenheims, the Smithsonian, SFMOMA, and the Walker. She is the recipient of The Patricia Highsmith-Plangman Award and an HBO Promax Award. Chernick's past writing credits include the Sundance Channel, Showtime, Sci-Fi, MTV, VH1, The History Channel, and National Geographic. She is a frequent contributor to Louis Vuitton/LVMH's online magazine


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